Mike The Bike’s  Top ten Training Tips for the London to Paris Bike Ride

1.     Make sure you have a well maintained bike that is the correct size for you. This includes having a comfortable saddle adjusted to the correct seat position. SPD peddles and slick tires WILL make a huge difference to your speed, comfort and enjoyment.

2.     Wear the correct cycling clothing. ALWAYS wear a HELMET, bright reflective kit and use lights when dark. It is very hard to stay at a good temperature whilst cycling. So on the top tips of clothing. Gloves, arm warmers, a gellett and protective eye wear are a must.

3.    Eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid nicotine and alcohol.

4.     Get plenty of rest and recovery, this includes sleep (8 hrs / night is perfect) Without sufficient rest you will not be able to train effectively.

5.    Keep your training steady and consistent. Spinning your legs fast in an easy gear and at a steady work rate is good. Remember the tortoise and the hair!

6.    Take part in a cycling Audax or 50 -100 mile charity rides. This will help immensely with you training.

7.    Always carry a mobile phone, spare tubes, tire levers and a cycle pump and know how to use them.

8.    Take enough food and water for your longer rides and eat from the start. It’s too late if you start eating when you’re getting hungry as your carbohydrate stores will have fallen too low.  Stay hydrated. You will need to drink a least 0.5 litres of water per hour. You can tell by the colour of you pee! Lemonade not beer!!!!

9.      Join a cycling group or find a training partner. Cycling can be lonely on your own! Also a cycling computer can help you maintain a cycle log of your training.

10.    Safety first! Follow the rules of the road. Try to cycle on smaller B roads with less traffic. When on busy roads try to cycle as fast as you can especially around uphill corners!! This increases the time a driver has to see you. Always expect the unexpected and be a mind reader!


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