Reviews from London to Paris 2015


Hi The A Team

I had meant to reply to this back in June but got blown off course somehow.
That trip to Paris was absolutely brilliant.  The best thing?  Was  with out doubt the people, the people and the people.  I think John and I were the least experienced cyclists by a long chalk.  We were never made to feel that we shouldn’t be there, that we were slowing everybody down, or that we were generally rather past it.  We felt supported, encouraged and welcome.  A huge thank you.  The team was brilliant, the organisation too, and the fellow participants were very special.
I have never been brilliant in traffic, but luckily being in small groups with an experienced person ‘fore and aft’ made a huge difference.  Whether that was by design or default I don’t know, but it was very helpful.  I wasn’t 100% sure we would make it to Paris but knew we would give it our best shot!  and with lots of encouragement we did it. Raised £1600 on the way too which Chase was grateful for.
Riding thro the Somme was magic.  My father had been a young teenager there in World War 1.  Never in his wildest dreams would he have guessed that his youngest daughter would ride thro there 90 years later with larks singing and lovely warm sunshine.
You will be glad to hear that the bikes are now consigned to being winter training bikes!  We have invested in some very nice road bikes and cannot believe the difference. We did the London to Oxford route again this year and took 3 hours off our previous time!!  I had no idea there was an earlier bus to get home on!  There’s no stopping us now.  We would very much like to sign up for the Paris run again in 2016, and we are looking at the Great British Bike Ride too!  We are in touch with Gill (and thro her Tim) and I think there could be some familiar faces asking to do the August ride.  Please may we come with you again?
Is there an easy was of contacting Barry?  Would love to hear how his knees are and send our greetings.
We wish you and all the team a Very Happy New Year, and hope to see you all later in the year.
Very best wishes,     Jane (and John) Williams

Hi Greg

I just wanted to get in touch to see if you could send me your address as I would like to send in a donation to your charity . I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and feel delighted with myself that I completed my personal challenge of riding my bike from London to Paris . It would not have been possible without the wonderful support from yourself and all the other crew and volunteers . I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company to others who may want to undertake a challenge in the future .

Many , many thanks




Hi Greg,

Loved the trip – loved it, loved it, loved it!

Thank you to everyone who made it such a pleasure for the riders. The pitstops were great, the hot pasta was very welcome, the vans and the bike looking after us all and ensuring we were safe and on the correct route were comforting! And, out of your control, but the weather was pretty much perfect for the ride too. I also really appreciated the changing of bikes etc so that Simon could still ride

Best things about the London to Paris Bike Ride:

  • the route, the scenery and the signage, which meant we could just cycle and not have to refer to maps etc every so often. I was able to ‘smell the roses’ – ie: not concentrate on the route or the effort but to relax and enjoy the experience.
  • the fact that we could all go at our own pace
  • the fun – Mr England, Brendan, the grumpy git shirt etc. – all added to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Its good to laugh at ourselves.

Our next challenge…..what do you have in mind??

Very many thanks,



Hi Greg,

I’d just like to say a big thanks to your self, Barry and the rest of your wonderful team for a fantastic trip. It truly was one of the best experiences of my life. I managed to raise over £800 for a local charity and also meet some fantastic people along the way.

The route and organisation was perfect and everyone was so welcoming and helpful.

As for ‘three best/worse things about the ride’ I can’t think of a single aspect of last week I didn’t enjoy. The only thing I would like to see is maybe a 500 mile trip somewhere in the near future.

Thanks again,

Can’t wait for the next trip matey!



Hi Greg

I just wanted to say again what a great time I had on the ride to Paris last week; thanks for all your great organisation and support. I guess you were put right under the cosh at the end of the trip which was a shame for the support team who had probably been looking forward to a good evening in Paris. The way you all handled it was a great example of how good events management works so that the disruption is kept to a minimum.

I hope to see on you on a future ride.

All the best



Hi Greg

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and the TEAM for an amazing week on the road trip to Paris
I thought the event was superbly organised and the support service was first class. As a rider it was very reassuring to know that everything was taken care of and that any issues would be handled in a friendly and professional manner.
Everyone could not have been more helpful.

Like most successful events, it’s all about the people and you and your team were excellent. I know that a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes to make the process look seamless, so well done all.

Special mention in despatches goes to:

Alex – what a great job she did putting up those signs, again and again ( without which we would have truly been “Lost in France”) Ed – Fantastic on the bike, rounding us up like a sheep dog and checking that all was ok Andy – Very professional and top man looking after us on the road and keeping us moving and safe Paul & Chris – Excellent sweeping and counting us all in, (also great help with the food!) Alison & Tracy – Feeding us delicious food and keeping our spirits up with welcoming smiles and laughter.
Mr & Mrs England – what a tonic ! Oh yay Oh Yay Oh bloody Yay – words fail me – great effort !

It was a life changing experience and I made some great friends – speaking of which, do you have John Jennings contact details ?

Looking forward to the next event, have you thought about doing an OM Millfield sportif ?
Maybe based over a weekend somewhere ? We could enter Teams and invite mates along, just a thought.

Anyway, many thanks once again to you, Barry & Alison, Darren and Adam and the rest of the team.

All the best



Reviews from London to Paris 2014


Hi Barry,

I just wanted to drop a note to say a big thank you to you and the team!

The four day’s were once again brimming with laughs, support and an overwhelming sense of encouragement. As I’ve said before I know everyone supporting the event works incredibly hard to ensure the riders are safe and well looked after and it goes without saying that their hard work, patience and support made London Paris 2014 a simply memorable journey and as a rider I personally wouldn’t have achieved my goal without them. It was certainly a challenge and tough at times as we rolled on through the many beautiful villages and stunning scenery but I had the most amazing adventure and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Thank you to Andy, Tim, Alison, Hannah, Lynne, Mr England!, Fly, Phil, Dave, Adam and the boys for giving me a tow in the headwind and of course you Barry for providing a simply amazing event!

Kind Regards

Lynne Hinchliffe
People Development Advisor


Hi Barry, 

I have settled down for the night, after a day of administration and laundry, thought I would pen a few words together as a matter of thanks and appreciation for the exceptional week you laid on for us last week. 

I would personally like to thank you & Dave for taking my bike and bringing my bag and bike home, also for making me feel welcome in the team I did not feel like a solo rider once through the whole event, every one of your team were fantastic, the girls, Ricky, Fly, Mr England, the two route lads, brilliant I cant give enough praise, 

The majority of the riders were friendly supportive and sociable, particularly the Exmouth guys, Richard and his Family, Jim (69) and the other guys I rode with. the farmer’s  I cant thank those guys enough either. 

The Pits stops were a god send, well stocked, happy staff, and plenty of support who could ask for more!!! SUPERB!!!! Well done…… the girls for being massively massively helpful. 

On a personal note; it was a success as you know I’m carrying a bit extra timber and I needed a boost a event to prove to myself I could still hack it, I think I did and now massively motivated to do more and more, thanks to your event. 

Secondly; I didn’t mention it to you but Dave knew, my father was taken ill on the first day, I had a flight planned from CDG on Saturday afternoon just in-case, it was not need but he is not out the woods just yet, he is under the knife today and I am flying tup North in the morning. I did note where all the train stations were on the way down. 

lastly I would of like to have bought the signed rugby shirt alas I failed, so I would like to contribute a little something to the TM trust if I transfer £100 to you make sure it goes to the right place. every bit helps. 

Please pass on my feedback to the team and the guys. 

Bob   (Robert Forward)



 Only back at work for two days and despite the aches and pains fading fast, the memories of last week will last for a very long time. 

 Just wanted to say thanks again for a great week. It’s easy to forget that ALL we had to do was just ride a bike for a few days and we shouldn’t overlook the organisation that goes behind it. 

I’ll be back on the bike again tonight spinning the legs in preparation for London to Brighton this weekend. Thankfully for my ongoing health and well being I won’t be there drinking too much beer with Paul Goodlad and Gary Cunnew at the end of the ride.

 Thanks again, John Richardson



Thanks  to your family and friends and congratulations on organising a fantastic challenge.  Fantastic memories of the two days in French the country side – difficult to see how that could be bettered – but I’m sure you thinking of something !

Regards, Mark Fowler


Hi Barry,

Many thanks for the weekend.  It was superb.  I really enjoyed it and had a great time.

Kudos to your family.  Alison and Hannah were incredible at every lunch stop.  Darren was brilliant on Day 1.  Very efficient and attentive.   Nothing  was ever a problem.  And we felt that Darren was always very focused on making the whole thing a great experience.

Andy, your mechanical support was fantastic.  We had a number of issues, particularly on day 3, including one of our group coming off her bike.  Andy was brilliant.  He drove at breakneck speed to get to her and sort out the problem.  Andy is an asset to your organisation.  He is also clearly an experienced cyclist with a huge amount of knowledge but he is also able to control a cycling crowd!  No easy feat!

No doubt you might have felt some  negative press from my group.  Personally,  I think some of their gripes were valid and perhaps some not.  I’m sure that you are used to it, and in your business you deal with it in your own way.

Anyway, all the best for your future ventures.


Richard Read


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