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We run the London 2 Paris Cycle as an open or bespoke event. Our open events runs Wednesday to Sunday, fortnightly from April to October (in June we run open events weekly). For bookings of 8 people or more, we also run this as an exclusive event on the dates of your choosing.

Here’s a list of the open events we have planned for 2018

  • Wed 4th April-8th April – Open event
  • Wed 18th April-22nd April – Open event
  • Wed 2nd May-6th May – Open event
  • Wed 16th May-20th May – Open event
  • Wed 30th May-3rd June – Open event
  • Wed 6th June-10th June – Open event
  • Wed 13th June-18th June – Open event
  • Wed 20th June-24th June – SOLD OUT
  • Wed 4th July-8th July – Open event
  • Wed 18th July-22nd July – Open event
  • Wed 1st August-5th August – Open event
  • Wed 15th August-18th August – Open event
  • Wed 29th August-2nd September – Open event
  • Wed 12th September-16th September – Open event
  • Wed 26th September-30th September – Open event

This trip takes you between two most iconic capital cities in the world, and between two of the most famous points: Greenwich Observatory in London, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The going is not as flat as many people think, but you do pass through classic countryside in Kent, and the Pas de Calais, Somme and Oise regions of France. The road parts are done under your own pedal-power. The wet part goes via the most famous channel crossing: Dover to Calais. On your day in Paris, you could always round it off with a visit to Notre Dame.

On a bike you feel the wind in your face, and get a real chance to explore some beautiful corners of England and France on the way. Once out of London, you pass through one of the harder sections of the route, as you go through Kent and the North Downs. The countryside is verdant, and remarkably much as it was in past centuries. From Calais you head inland and south. History will surround you on this ride – a stark reminder of the importance of these lands and of the wars that have been fought there. You’ll pass by battlefields from the Hundred Years’ War, see First World War cemeteries, You’ll also pass the spectacular Gothic cathedrals of Abbeville and Beauvais, with their extraordinary white limestone construction, full of tracery and flying buttresses. You’ll stay one night each in Dover, Abbeville, Beauvais, and Paris. In Paris, if you want you can take time to soak up the atmosphere of one of the most romantic cities in the world: its restaurants, cafés, museums, and nightlife.

Optional Extras

  • Single Room Supplement £45.00 per person per night
  • Extra night in London prior to departure £75.00 per person per night for twin accommodation
  • Extra night in London prior to departure £120.00 per night for single room accommodation
  • Extra night in Paris at end of event £75.00 per person per night for twin accommodation
  • Extra night in Paris at end of event £120.00 per night for single room accommodation
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