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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising IdeasHere are a few ideas about how you (and your team) can raise money for the London to Paris Bike Ride. We have indicated below, some tried and tested ideas to get you started.

Start by asking everyone you know – the more people you ask, the more you will raise! Try to get payment upfront to halve the effort, and ALWAYS start each sponsorship form with a generous sponsor as this will set a high standard for the rest. (It really does work!)

Ask your employer to sponsor you too – many companies actually match pound for pound!


Arrange a £10 menu at a local restaurant on one of their quiet nights and charge 10 friends £15!  = £150

Hold a karaoke in your local pubs for a percentage of the drinks sales = £100

A car boot sale (get your friends and family to have a clear out!) = £150

Ask your local school to hold a non-uniform day = £200

Hold quiz night with raffle = £100

Dinner party or barbecue for 10 friends who each pay £10 = £100

Hold a skill auction where you rope in friends with certain skill (hairdressing/reflexology etc) to donate their skills for free = £200 

Persuade friends to shave their head/legs or grow a moustache = £100

A Friday night Three-legged Pub Crawl = £100

Ask friends and family for sponsorship money instead of birthday presents = £150 

Total £1,500

Tell the world!

You are doing something quite amazing so make sure you tell EVERYONE and let your local newspaper/radio know.

REMEMBER – there is no need to stop when you reach the total needed for your ride!! Make sure that your training and commitment to complete the Ride is not wasted and that highly deserving charities benefit as a result of your efforts.

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