Event Difficulty Rating

Due to the many contributory factors it is impossible to be absolutely precise about how difficult a cycle event will be. The main benefit of our “difficulty rating” is to provide you with an overall indicator as a guide from one cycling event against another. When assessing these ratings, we consider the following;

  •     Number and difficulty of descents/ascents
  •     Climate event is taking place and general terrain conditions
  •     Mileage and number of days on the event

Many participants who take part in these events will not necessarily have done anything like this before. We will also be on hand every step of the way to provide training advice if needed and a full detailed information pack containing training tips will be issued following signed registration if requested. We strongly recommend you train to the appropriate levels for your chosen event to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Difficulty Rating Key

Easy – no routes are entirely flat, so expect some minor undulating terrain
Relatively Easy – slightly longer descends/ascents with occasional steeper spurts
Moderate – longer days of saddle time with occasional steep descends/ascents
Average Difficulty – a regular balance of undulating terrain with some difficult descends/ascents
Hard – requires confidence in your descends/ascents ability and physical condition
Challenging – confidence in fitness and technical ability is crucial
Tough – long tough sections testing your ultimate fitness and stamina
Extreme – difficult, very steep and long descends/ascents …a real challenge!